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22 March 2012


evsnewstuff_10Since half of July, ExtremeBL is hosting a european volunteer under the frame of EU's Youth In Action Program. Julien Mayet comes from France and is here to participate to the club's activities thanks to the European Voluntary Service.

That is to mean : climbing, exploring, bolting. And of course, even if he's sometimes tired, participating to the training session at Sokolski.


We first decided to focus on Kameni Most, because of the existing routes and the remaining potential for new ones. This will make it the biggest site around Banja Luka. Until now, 10 new routes appeared. And grades are rising, even if some are still to be confirmed and routes to be done. This is challenge!

evsnewstuff_2   evsnewstuff_4
First half of Psiho test   First half of L'écharpée belle


Most of them are around 30 to 35 meters high, but there are also some projects in short climbing (Znaš, Sir i čajna). Let's hope that winter won't be too wet and that we can try all of this soon.

And as we talk about dry places, we found recently a funny one which might be developed later, if we finally can find enough holds. Because it's kind of ... overhanging ! For the moment we just did some bouldering, future will say if it gets more importance.




Mirko and Noémie

Just before snow and cold, we could try some of the long routes of the wall just right to the bridge, in Kameni Most. They are all done now, and offer very nice climbings, mainly on pockets, requiring endurance and technic. There are some tricky sections ... just have a look at Šljuka down there:






 The route is called Mala Njuška

He liked it so much that he fell at the last movement, just to have to go again and lead it ; )

So you understand that it's worth coming around. What's more, there will be new things for sure, because we're always finding new stuff. Like on those two last photos, just for fun :



Zuba lost in Oker's rock




We'll try to update news, and publish online some info about Kameni Most. Just enjoy!





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< Nadamo se da ste shvatili da je vrijedno dolaska. Gotovo sigurno biće još dosta novih stvari, jer uvijek pronalazimo neke nove sektore i stijene. U prilog tome pogledajte ove


Come, train, explore yourself, find friends, camp, travel, feel the freedom, feel the nature, become a part of this adventure!

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