A trip to canyon Tijesno 27th Feb 2008

22 March 2012

stara_plocicaHit by a wave of warm and sunny weather we decided to visit canyon Tijesno. The goal was to find walls suitable for making climbing routes, above all the ones that were climbed in the 80’s, with routes like “Prvi sipar” and “Oker”. With such nice weather the best way of getting around the canyon is by bike. So we mounted our bikes and went to explore. We had no idea how much our effort will be rewarded.

On the entrance to canyon Tijesno looking from Banjaluka we went into a small entrance between the walls to check out if there is anything interesting. We were surprised to say the least, when we stumbled across another stone bridge, thus bringing the number of to us known stone bridges in the canyon to three. This 15 meter high stone bridge and the neighboring walls around it give a lot of possibilities for shorter sport routes, but that will take more exploration and cleaning. Another object that we were excited to find in this sector is a small cave, with a lot of bouldering problems and a bed of soft sand. Unfortunately it is clear that during rainy weather it is just too wet to climb.

With our eyes and harts full of beauty we continue our ride through the canyon in the direction of Krupa na Vrbasu. At one wider part of the road, opposite to the rock called “Muflon”, we walk down from the road on to a moving rock bed that “flows” beneath the intercity road and “flows” into river Vrbas.

Soon we find ourselves beneath a magnificent piece of rock for which we (by the description of the Alpinist section of the Mountaineering society Kozara from 1982.) believe to be the same one where some 25 years ago a route “Prvi sipar” was climbed. After a long time spent looking, exploring and testing the quality of the rock, we find a tunnel through the rock. It was probably made for taking samples or making measurements during the building of the hydropower plant or the road. After this discovery we had just enough energy and time left to ride back home. But the ride back was not without adventures, since Igor has broken a pedal, so we had to improvise a repair on the road.

In any case, on this trip we found some places to which we shall surely come back to many times.


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