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New routes on Pecka or the invasion of the Austrians

14 April 2012

As many of you know, in May we will organize Pecka Rock Climbing Festival (who doesn't know, should take a look at: THIS LINK). For that reason, at the beginning of the last week, we were visited by a group of friends from Austria. David, Ingmar, Lena and Lea came in their over-packed car, but what was even more valuable than them :) was the valuable metal that they brought with them. Inox steel in form of Bolts, hangers and anchors will soon shine on walls of Pecka. David and Ingmar talked to their section of the Austrian Alpine Association, OEAV - Edelweiss, who supplied high quality bolting material. We sincerely thank them all.

Still, we begin our adventure with a visit to the Stone Bridge on Monday afternoon. Easy climbing, fire, sausages, pasta, chokobananas and sleeping under the clear sky. That's how we enjoyed at the Stone Bridge until the rain chased us underneath the arch of the wall at 4 o'clock in the morning.

Departure to Pecka was scheduled at "precisely" 8:00 on Tuesday when Igor was supposed to wait for us at the road beneath the Stone Bridge. At 9:30 we knocked on the window of Igor's car, as he spent an hour and a half sleeping, and waiting for us. We finally drive on to Pecka.

There, the weather is perfect, not too much sun nor too cloudy. Igor works on his route, because he stay there for only one night. Ingmar and David work on a route together and I clean and prepare another two. The girls are chilling out and climbing :P

On Thursday, also Julien joined us and bolted a route despite the rain, since he leaves the same day. David and me continue working on our routes until Friday, because of rain. Finally, on Friday, we get ready and leaved pecka on Friday. The car is so full that there was barely room to move. We even took the trash with us to act as an "air freshner" for five climbers that missed the shower for four days :)

We spent a wonderful few days, interrupted by occasional rain showers, working, having fun and drinking. There was homemade bread, kajmak, eggs, cheese, potato and apple pies, and let's not forget the rakija :) We got completely destroyed eating and climbing and at the end we had some results to show for it - 8 new routes ready for the festival.

The routes are:

Katapult, 9+?, Sektor Maršal (Julien)

Turbina apocalyptica, 7, Sektor  Maršal (Ingmar)

Doctore, 8-, Sektor Plaža (Igor)

Mali drvosječa, 7, Sektor Plaža (Dženan)

Ljubičasti medvjedić, 4, Sektor Plaža (Dženan)

Once we were warriors, 6, Sektor Plazma (Ingmar)

Duo statt solo, 7?, Sektor Pramac (David)

The Rainman, 7+?, Sektor Pramac (Dženan)


There you go, a good start, but there will be more work ;) We're expecting to see you at the festival!


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